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6 Alternative Wedding Rings

Whether you’re tight on money or just looking to break tradition, finding engagement rings that meet your needs can get challenging. Lucky for you, we have six alternative wedding ring ideas for you and your loved one. Let’s dive in!

1. Gemstones

Let’s face it—diamonds are expensive, and sometimes, they’re not always a girl’s best friend! You might be going for a different look. The good news is, there are stunning gemstone rings that are alluring alternatives.

Sapphire, emerald, and ruby are just a few beautiful and unique options you can look into. Each carries its own history and meaning behind it, so you can easily add a layer of personalization to a gemstone. Not to mention, gemstones provide colorful options! They can add a nice pop to your hand that’ll grab the right kind of attention.

2. Lower-Carat Diamond Rings

If you think you need to forgo the diamond route due to financial reasons but still love the diamond look, consider exploring lower-carat diamond options. Carat refers to a diamond’s weight. The larger the weight, the more expensive it is. Thus, look into smaller carats to see if they’re a better financial option for you. There are 1/10 CTW (carat total weight) and 1/4 CTW rings that are incredibly attractive choices.

3. Wedding Trios

A trio ring set is an easy way to get beautifully matched wedding rings for yourself and your future spouse. It consists of three rings: an engagement band for her, a wedding band for her, and a wedding band for him.

The biggest perks that come with purchasing a trio ring set are time and money. You can browse and make your selection at one store and avoid the stress of learning about the different designs, styles, and brands of engagement rings; you’ll simplify your search by exploring sets of rings. And instead of paying for three separate rings (which might be from different jewelers), you’ll be paying for a set of quality rings at a great price.

4. Heirlooms

You might have a great grandmother or another relative who has entrusted you with their ring. This is a wonderful option for an engagement ring. Not only does it carry family history and sentimental value, but it’s a great way to invite your significant other into your family and solidify your commitment to one another. You’ll likely have to resize and/or repair it with a professional jeweler before presenting it to your soon-to-be fiance, but using an heirloom will still be an affordable and touching way to begin your lives together.

5. Recycled Rings

We all know recycling is good for the earth. If that’s something you’re passionate about, why not extend it to ring selection? The bands are made from recycled precious metals and you can look at a variety of different stone types. Sometimes old wedding rings are recycled into new designs as well.

There isn’t a rule book that says you have to get a diamond ring for your wedding. The most important thing is finding something that evokes meaning for you both. With these alternative ideas, we hope you discover the perfect ring that reflects who you both are.

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