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About Daniels

A Modest Dream

For hundreds of years, diamonds have stood at the center of the jewelry industry, maintaining their status as an undeniable expression of love, wealth, and glory. Diamonds have long been regarded in the highest esteem, symbolizing an unparalleled icon of status or devotion that simply can't be replicated-that is, until now.This article is all about the similarities and differences between lab-created diamonds and mined diamonds. Discover how they compare in value, quality, appearance, source, and other factors so you can decide for yourself which one you'd rather have sparkling on your next piece of jewelry.

The Family Expands

Because of his kindness and friendship, my grandfather's business began to grow by word of mouth and he was able to open a 2nd store. My father and uncle joined the business in the 1960s and together, the three of them expanded the business throughout Southern California. Still running the business as a family, each of the stores continued to have a warm and friendly staff of caring individuals who were dedicated to treating our customers like friends and family, every day.

Making Diamond Dreams Come True

Today, thanks to our loyal customers, we're celebrating over 70 years in business and in the midst of our third generation of family operation. I am honored to carry on that tradition today with more than 100 stores in California, Arizona, Texas and Nevada and a continuing commitment to treating our customers like family. From my grandfather's dream that started it all, we have helped millions of people make their diamond dreams come true. From our family to yours, I invite you into one of our stores to experience the legacy of Daniel's Jewelers.

David Sherwood
Chief Executive Officer and Grandson to the Founder