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The Pros to Buying a Trio Wedding Ring Set

Couples today face many pressures even before they're married. Getting engaged causes a new flurry of activity and many, many decisions: the venue for the wedding, type of food, style of dress, ways to pay for it all, and many others.

Your engagement and wedding rings don't have to be a part of that stress. We're going to explain a brilliant solution today that will make one part of the wedding plans much easier. Imagine not having any worry about the rings, having a set of rings beautifully matched in style and design, and getting a great discount on the whole set.

You can get all those benefits and many more with a trio wedding ring set. Take a few minutes reading below to potentially save yourself a lot of time and money on your engagement ring and wedding rings.

What Is a Trio Ring Set?

What Is a Trio Ring Set?

A trio ring set is a combination of three rings that are all matched in style and design. The set includes:

  • An engagement band for her
  • A wedding band for her
  • A wedding band for him

The bride's engagement and wedding bands are designed to fit together elegantly. She can wear the engagement ring alone at first, then pair them together on the big day.

Benefits of a Trio Ring Set

Today's couples love trio wedding ring sets. Let's look at five of the biggest reasons why.

1. A New Type of Engagement
Some modern couples are not as focused on the engagement ring as couples used to be. Traditional couples emphasize a large proposal, which is a surprise to one person-often the woman. She gets impressed with an amazing engagement ring she can show off to her friends.

In contrast, many couples today already know unofficially that they're together forever. They might be living together, or they may have been dating for many years. They already know they want to be together, they simply decide on when they want to get married. There's no surprise proposal and no ring to try to entice the woman to get married.

Of course, this type of engagement and the traditional one are both okay! But the advantage of this scenario is that the couple can go shopping for rings together. They can buy all three pieces at the same time and have them exactly matched.

2. Beautifully Matching Designs
In many engagements, the engagement ring is purchased first and the wedding band purchased later. This means the rings likely won't match in style-even if they're close.

When you're married it's traditional to wear these two rings together. The downside to mismatched rings is that they often rotate and move independently and require constant adjusting. Some people choose to weld them together when this happens, but it's not as ideal as purchasing a matching set in the first place.

Another disadvantage is that the couple's rings may not match because they are different styles or sets. While this isn't a big deal to some people, it can save you money if you plan ahead and purchased your rings as part of a trio wedding set and get rings for both the bride and groom at the same time.

In a trio wedding ring set, the engagement and wedding bands for the bride are beautifully designed to fit together and not to move around. The band is also designed to enhance the engagement ring and make it stand out. The groom's ring is also designed to match in a trio wedding ring set, showing that the couple has put a lot of thought into this aspect of their engagement and marriage and have come up with an elegant solution. They look more put together than if they have three different styles of rings.

3. Financial Savings
If you're shopping for three different styles of rings-maybe even going to multiple jewelers-it's much more difficult to get good deals. Each one is a separate purchase, and it may be more difficult to get a good deal than purchasing your rings as a set. With a trio set, you get a fantastic set of beautiful rings at an affordable price. You can even finance your rings simply with a single monthly payment instead of trying to keep track of multiple payments from different locations.

4. Shopping Convenience
Trio ring sets make shopping for your engagement rings easy and simple. Make all your ring purchases as a single store and forego the stress of trying to learn everything about different jewelry styles and designs.

As with any big purchase, it's important to understand the differences in ring quality, diamond styles, and prices while searching for the perfect wedding ring set. However, a trio ring set can eliminate a lot of that work for you by giving you a great deal on a single set of rings, simplifying your search.

5. Avoid Confusion
A trio engagement ring set eliminates some of the confusion in the traditional engagement process. As a young man, do you know for sure if your girlfriend is going to like an engagement ring? If you shop for a trio wedding ring set together, she'll get to shop for the exact design she's excited about, and you'll know for sure it's a design she'll love.

Examples of Wedding Ring Trios

When you're picking out a Wedding Ring Trio ring set from Daniel's Jewelers, we have seven different options to choose from in our catalog. You can have a great time as a couple picking out the style for you.

Think about the type of gold you want. Do you like the timelessness of yellow gold or the surprising gleam of white gold?




Our bands all feature rows of small diamonds, which come in straight or curving designs. Those diamonds are either large, rounded ones that take up the width of the band or smaller ones that rest elegantly in the middle of the band or swoop across it.

Finally, the featured diamond cluster in the center of the ring can be round, square, or oval. To save you money, our diamond clusters give you an impressive total carat weight made up of a collection of smaller diamonds, which costs less than a single larger diamond.

Flexible Financing Options from Daniel's

As a couple, you can fill out our credit application together to get one, simple, affordable monthly payment. It might even be one of the first payments you and your future spouse will handle together, which can be a great learning experience.

At Daniel's Jewelers, we help young couples to establish their credit together by finding the financing option that works for you. Get approved for a low monthly payment and enjoy the convenience and beauty of a matched engagement ring set.

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