Different Engagement Rings Style Guide

Different Engagement Rings Style Guide

Deciding on a type of engagement ring can be exciting, but a little overwhelming, and if you're stuck and don't know what you're looking for it can end up being frustrating at times. While the choice of who you want to be with is settled, you're still faced with learning a daunting amount of information about different types of ring settings and designs to try and find the perfect style for your loved one.

Chances are you never had to worry or think about different stones and settings before your engagement, but we're here to help. Some basic engagement ring know-how can help you find a ring that fits your personal style-and budget.

Solitaire Ring

solitare ring

Solitaire rings are a classic, simple, and timeless design that features a single center stone. This type of engagement ring usually features a diamond in the center, supported by a clean and elegant prong setting to keep the diamond in place. Prong settings for solitaire engagement rings usually feature four to six prongs to secure the center stone-but there can be as many as eight depending on the cut and style of the stone.

Although solitaire rings generally consist of only a band and center stone, variations in the width of the band can impact the style of this type of engagement ring. Smaller, thinner bands can make a smaller diamond appear larger and won't overwhelm you if you have smaller hands. On the other hand, wider bands can offer more stone setting options. Some bands also narrow slightly near the center stone, which can make the diamond look bigger and enhance the stone.

Halo Ring

Halo Ring

A more modern take on the classic solitaire is a halo engagement ring. Instead of a single center stone, halo rings feature a center stone surrounded by smaller diamonds like a halo. The smaller diamonds in the halo enhance the beauty and appearance of the center stone to catch more light and make the center diamond appear larger and sparkle brighter. Halos are also very popular when paired with non-traditional center stones such as emeralds, sapphires, rubies, or morganite.

This style of engagement ring looks beautiful with a variety of stone cuts and is commonly used for more than simply round cut diamonds. Halos can be found on stone cuts such as princess, oval, emerald, cushion, pear cuts, and more.

Cluster Set Ring

Cluster Set Ring

Cluster set engagement rings are a stunning a classic option for anyone looking for a lot of sparkle and dimension, while still staying within their budget. This is because this type of engagement rings is actually a cluster of diamonds set close together to give the appearance of one, brilliant center stone. However, because cluster diamonds are made up from a group of smaller carat diamonds, they are often less expensive than a traditional solitaire or halo setting, while still giving off an amazing amount of sparkle.

Cluster set rings can also be used to create unique shapes such as flowers, starbursts or hearts, than lend a unique or vintage style to your ring. If you have smaller hands a cluster set ring is also a benefit because they can be smaller and daintier and better complement your hand. It's important to know that cluster settings take a little more effort to keep clean because you have to clean between all the stones, but the brilliant look and payoff is worth it for a dazzling, affordable design.

Three Stone Ring

three stone ring

Three stone rings are a classic design featuring a center stone, flanked by a smaller stone on either side. These side stones serve much the same purpose as a halo ring, in that they are meant to enhance the size and beauty of the center stone. The center stone is usually a diamond but can be a colored stone as well and the same applies to side stones. While the colors can vary, the shape of the stones are most commonly round or princess cut diamonds for the center and side stones.

Because a three stone setting engagement ring is meant to emphasize the center stone, the center stone is usually set higher than the rest of the stone, often in a prong, basket, or bezel setting, to set it off from the rest of the ring.

Bridal Sets

bridal set ring

Bridal sets include a matching engagement ring and wedding bad for the bride and are an excellent choice because you can easily see and try the final look you will wear on your hand for the rest of your life. Purchasing your engagement ring and wedding band separately can make it difficult to match ring styles and shapes, especially with bands that need to bend around the engagement ring. If purchasing a band and engagement ring separately, you also need to make sure the band doesn't overshadow the engagement ring, and that you are careful to pair the colors and metal types correctly.

Some metals, such as platinum and gold shouldn't be worn together because the platinum can scratch the gold. It's also important to match your engagement and wedding ring because incorrectly fitted rings can rub against each other and loosen the diamonds in your rings. Because of this, many people opt for a bridal set. Bridal sets are designed to fit seamlessly together, and are often cheaper to purchase together for a cohesive, overall look that doesn't detract from your engagement ring, but enhances it.

Wedding Trios

Wedding Trios

Sometimes known as a wedding set, a wedding trio includes an engagement ring and wedding band for the bride as well as a matching wedding band for the groom. Trio ring sets are a great option for couples that want to save money and get matching ring styles for a cohesive and beautiful look. Often couples that have been together for a while are interested in saving time and money by purchasing a trio set and showing their commitment to each other at the same time by matching their rings.

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