At Daniel's Jewelers, we guarantee financing for every customer as we believe that everyone - no matter their situation - is entitled to dignified credit. We offer convenient finance options making that dream purchase a reality today.

Here's your chance to learn more about how everyone is guaranteed jewelry financing online. Check out the two paths of approval and the most common questions people have about jewelry financing with Daniel's Jewelers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Financing jewelry offers a flexible option for you to pay off your purchase over time. We’ll work with you with our Daniel’s credit option where you can purchase jewelry now and pay later in minimum monthly payments.

Yes, anyone can buy jewelry at Daniel’s Jewelers. We provide financing for jewelry to everyone, no matter their income status or credit history.

When you get financing from Daniel’s Jewelers, you are getting a custom financing plan that is tailored to fit your budget and needs making it possible to get the jewelry you want while sticking to your monthly budget.

Your credit score is a mix of factors, and paying for jewelry with credit can help establish and improve your score. Here are two areas of your credit score that are affected when you buy your jewelry using credit.

  • Payment History - Your payment history is 35% of your score. It shows if you make payments on time or have a history of missed or overdue payments. By making every payment with Daniel’s Jewelers on time, your payment history score can improve, impacting your overall credit score.
  • Length of Credit History - Your credit history accounts for 15% of your overall credit score. If you have little to no credit history, you can build a history of making timely payments using Daniel’s Jewelers financing.

As long as your total purchase is greater than $100, Daniel’s Jewelers can offer financing and credit options. This can include multiple pieces of jewelry as long as the combined value of the purchase is at least $100. Purchases under $100 do not qualify for financing.

As long as you meet the minimum price for financing, you can buy any jewelry from Daniel’s Jewelers with credit. Anything from a diamond engagement ring to a watch can be purchased with credit.

Daniel’s Jewelers doesn’t have a single payment structure. Our flexible payment plans don’t just focus on fitting into your budget but are also considerate of when payments are made. We have various payment options available and try to make the best fit for you.

Daniel’s Jewelers makes it possible for you to apply for jewelry financing online or in person at one of our stores.

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