How to Find the Best Engagement Ring Warranty

How to Find the Best Engagement Ring Warranty

You found the person you love with all of your heart and want to propose to them. Your love will stand strong against the test of time, but what about your rings?

If you wear your ring every day, it’s going to get dinged, dirtied, and damaged. Luckily, most jewelers offer a warranty or service plan to help your ring last forever.

Here are some of the most common questions about engagement ring warranties so that you’ll know what to keep an eye out for when you are shopping.

What Should You Look for In Your Engagement Ring Warranty?

No matter if you’re looking for engagement rings or wedding rings, a ring warranty should protect your ring from damage. This is what you should look for in your engagement ring warranty.

Length of the Warranty

You need a jewelry warranty that lasts your entire marriage. Having a warranty that only covers the first months or year of your marriage won’t be long enough. While it is great that the warranty or protection plan can handle the short term problems, it will leave you having to pay for any long term problems.

Daniel’s Jewelers protection plan offers a lifetime guarantee against original factory defects and a three-year service for anything not covered by our Lifetime Factory Guarantee.


Your hands will change size as you get older. It is normal for your finger to change size, and your ring should be able to keep up with it. Part of a good jewelry warranty plan should include resizing for a discount or even for free.

Daniel’s Jewelers Diamond Registry offers free re-sizing up to two sizes.

Cleaning and Protection

If you are wearing your ring every day, your ring will get bumped, scraped, jostled, and dinged. Part of your warranty plan should recognize this and have protections in place to keep your ring in shape no matter what happens. This can include free cleaning, polishing, or tightening of stones in their settings.

Replacement Policy

No one wants it to happen to them, but there is a chance the stones in your engagement ring will fall out. What happens when a stone goes missing? Is it covered by your warranty? Or are you going to have to pay for a new one? The best warranties will protect your stones if they are lost.

Make sure when looking at a warranty that you consider the karat of stone they will replace. The diamonds or gemstones that are free to replace will often be smaller karats, while more expensive gems will not be covered.


A great warranty can be ruined if it only applies to one store in one city. While it might be initially more expensive to purchase an engagement ring warranty with a company that has a large network of stores and locations, it can pay off, in the long run, to keep your ring looking great no matter where you live.

Why Should You Purchase a Warranty?

Warranties are like car insurance. You hope you never have to be in a place where you have to use them, but they are worth every penny when you do. Here are just a few reasons why you should purchase a jewelry warranty for your engagement ring:

  • Jewelry looks better when it’s cleaned and polished. Most warranties will provide this service at a reduced rate or for free.
  • Jewelry is surprisingly fragile, and your ring will take a lot of abuse since it is on your hands. While metal is strong, the small prongs and settings that make an engagement ring can easily get damaged, bend, or break. A warranty helps protect you against any damage or loss.
  • Repairing a ring can get costly, especially if a stone goes missing. Most warranties will help replace a stone free of charge to you, or at a reduced cost for more expensive gems.


What Can Invalidate Your Warranty?

Every warranty is different, so it’s important to read the small print. Here are a few things that could cause your warranty to be invalid.

Excessive Wear or Obvious Abuse

Protection and warranty plans are amazing, but they are not going to protect your ring if you decide to start punching walls or hitting it with a hammer. Daniel’s Diamond Protection Plan will not cover abuse or excessive wear of an engagement ring.

If you work in an active job or there is a high risk for your ring to be damaged, consider buying two rings: one ring that is stylish and looks great and one ring that is less expensive that you intend to get beaten up and damaged.

Tampering With The Settings

Tampering with the stone settings can be a sign that you are intentionally trying to loosen a stone and abuse the warranty. The warranty will cover accidental losses, but it will not cover stones that are forcefully removed.

If a prong or setting ever appears to be loose in your ring, do not try to fix it yourself. Trying to bend or fix your ring on your own can be considered tampering with the settings. If there is anything that seems off about your ring, take it back to the jewelers as soon as possible to get professional assistance.

Regular Inspections

Some warranties require you to have the ring inspected. If you do not have the ring frequently inspected by the company, you invalidate the warranty. The inspections are there to maintain, clean, and polish your ring which should help prevent any needs for the warranty.

Customers near a Daniel’s Jewelers store may have their diamond engagement rings checked every three months as part of our Diamond Protection Plan.

Find the Perfect Engagement Ring Today

No matter what style of engagement ring you’re looking for, Daniel’s Jewelers can help you find one that matches your style and budget. Apply for your Daniel’s Jewelry credit account today so you can get the engagement ring you want.

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