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Why Is the Wedding Ring Worn On the Left Hand?

Getting married is one of the best moments in your life. You get to be with the person you love the most and celebrate with your friends and family. At the center of your wedding are your rings, but what exactly do the rings mean? Which hand does the wedding ring go on? And, what does it mean if you choose to wear it on your right hand instead of your left?

Find out more about wedding rings, what they mean, and how you should wear them with these FAQs.

Do You Have to Wear a Wedding Ring?

There are no rules, laws, or regulations that say you have to wear a wedding ring or how you should wear one once you are married. While there are some cultural traditions and expectations, there is absolutely no reason that you must follow any of them.

If you and your spouse decide on a different tradition or way to remember and celebrate your marriage, that is perfectly okay. You can choose to have wedding tattoos or another piece of meaningful jewelry like a necklace, or even an engraved wallet card to keep your spouse close in mind no matter where you are.

When it comes to wedding rings, the finger it goes on doesn’t matter either. Tradition says it should be worn on the fourth finger on your left hand, also called your ring finger, but you can put your ring on whichever finger is most comfortable to you. As long as you are comfortable and happy, it does not matter which finger or hand you put your wedding ring on.

Does Everyone Wear a Wedding Ring on their Left Hand?

Not everyone wears their wedding ring on their left hand. In some cultures, instead of wearing a wedding ring on the left hand, they wear it on their right hand.

In fact, in some European countries, the tradition has always been to wear a ring on the right hand. For example, in India, though they have traditionally worn their wedding ring on the left hand, they are now starting to wear it on the right hand. This was rooted in the idea that the left hand was unclean, and wearing a ring on the right hand would not only identify you as married but would also serve as a sign of luck. These traditions are changing, and it isn’t uncommon for couples to switch which hand they wear it on to fit in with their accepted culture.

What Does it Mean to Wear a Wedding Ring on Your Right Hand?

Depending on your culture and traditions, wearing a wedding ring on your right hand is the same as wearing a wedding ring on your left hand. It signifies that you are married.

For some people, the hand your wedding ring is on isn’t cultural-it is functional. Many have to use their hands for work, so some professionals prefer to wear their rings on their right hand to keep it out of the way.

Handedness also plays a role in where a ring feels comfortable. Left-handed people can find it difficult to wear a large or bulky stone on their dominant hand as they try to use their hand in daily functions. If you’re right-handed, imagine all of the things that you do with your right hand, and then add a large ring to it while you do that. You’d want to shift it to your off-hand too!

What Does a Wedding Ring Symbolize?

When it comes to wedding rings, there is a lot of tradition involved. In the long run, it all comes down to representing a couple’s lifelong love and commitment to each other.

In some cultures, the shape of the ring carries symbolism. A ring is part of a circle that is endless; there is no beginning and no end. The ring is supposed to be a reminder to both spouses of their relationship and their undying love.

The location of the ring also carries tradition and symbolism. So, why do people wear rings on their left hand? In ancient times, the Romans thought that the left hand’s fourth finger ran directly to the heart. By putting a ring on that finger, you would have a direct connection to the heart, which would show the love that the couple had for each other.

Where Did Wearing Wedding Rings Start?

The use of engagement rings can be traced back to ancient Rome. Traditionally Roman women wore rings to signify a business contract or to show mutual love and obedience. Rings also once signified ownership and dominance in a relationship. Times have since changed, and the meaning of a ring has changed with them.

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