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Trending Gold Jewelry for the Golden Month of May

“Once on a golden day, In the golden month of May, I gave my heart away.”

Poet Mathilde Blind penned those words in the 19th century—and at Daniel’s Jewelers, we definitely agree with her about May being a golden month. In fact, we think it’s the perfect time to celebrate gold jewelry month. 

Treat yourself or a loved one this May with rose gold or
white gold jewelry from Daniel's. We’ve been providing gold jewelry for women and men since 1948. We’re eager to help you celebrate gold jewelry month with our high-quality products. 

The Origins of Gold Jewelry

Throughout history, gold has been a sign of wealth and superiority. Although the use of gold in jewelry declined during medieval times, the style was brought back to life during the 19th century.

White gold became prominent during the Art Deco era of the early 1900s. As a sign of wealth and superiority, everyone was eager to purchase white gold jewelry for women. The status of gold has continued into modern times. White and rose gold jewelry are both elegant and classy. 

At Daniel's, we’ve kept up with the trends and will provide you with the highest-quality gold hoops, bracelets, and chains for
gold jewelry month

Rose Gold Jewelry vs. White Gold Jewelry

Rose gold and white gold jewelry might seem similar from the outside. It’s easy to assume that the only difference is in color; white gold has a silver exterior, and rose gold has a slightly pink hue. In addition, neither one is made of 100% gold. Pure gold is a soft metal, so other elements must be used to strengthen the jewelry. 

However, a few significant differences separate them. 

Rose Gold Jewelry

Rose gold is a blend of yellow gold with copper and silver. It doesn’t tarnish, though it develops a darker tone over time. With its copper alloy, rose gold jewelry is also incredibly durable. When purchasing a rose gold item during gold jewelry month, you’ll come away with an elegant piece of jewelry that looks better as it ages.

White Gold Jewelry

White gold jewelry is an alloy made of yellow gold mixed with other metals, typically platinum or silver, to change the jewelry’s look and strengthen it. White gold jewelry is also coated in rhodium to finish the look and help the yellow hue become a lovely silver color. 

Due to the rhodium in white gold jewelry, white gold objects revert to a yellow tone as the rhodium wears away over time. This is an easy fix; bring your white gold jewelry to your local Daniel’s or other jeweler to re-coat it. 

Popular Gold Jewelry from Daniel’s Jewelers 

The best way to celebrate gold jewelry month is by wearing your favorite gold pieces! Choose Daniel’s for all your rose gold jewelry, white gold jewelry, and more. We provide gold jewelry for women and men, so gold jewelry month can be celebrated by everyone who wants to purchase a sleek, stylish gold accessory. 

Gold Necklaces

Enhance any look with an elegant gold necklace. With over 3,000 options, finding your perfect necklace is easy. Browse our selection and use our convenient filters to narrow your choices and discover your dream piece. 

Gold Chains

If you want a gold necklace with a more masculine style, browse our many gold chains. Our chains pair perfectly with refined styles as well as casual ones. Find the perfect gold chain on our website and celebrate gold jewelry month.

Gold Bracelets

Bracelets are some of the simplest accessories, yet the right bracelet elevates your outfit and brings the finishing touches to any look. Our gold bracelets are the perfect item to pair with any style for any occasion. 

Gold Hoop Earrings

Add a sleek pair of gold hoop earrings to finish your outfit. Whether you’re pairing small, slim hoops with a blouse and slacks or completing your cocktail dress and heels with elegant, eye-catching hoops, gold hoops come in enough styles to perfectly match any situation.

Gold Engagement Rings

Do we hear wedding bells? If you and your loved one have wedding plans, start your journey with Daniel’s selection of gold engagement rings. You’ll find the perfect ring to match your mutual devotion.

Easily Apply for Credit with Us

At Daniel’s Jewelers, we make financing easy and accessible—in fact, we guarantee we’ll be able to work with you! For your convenience, you can apply for credit in person or online. Make the most of the Golden Month of May by buying a piece of gold jewelry from Daniel’s today!
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