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Tips for Your Disney Themed Proposal

Disney isn’t just for kids. For some couples, a proposal at Disneyland or Disney World is the start of their happily ever after. The magic of Disney makes the happiest place on earth the best place for a proposal. But what exactly does a Disney engagement look like? Here’s our breakdown of how Disney does proposals and how you can make it extra special.

Disney Engagements

While you might have your own proposal idea for Disneyland or Disney World, Disney also offers to help make the experience even more magical for couples. Disney Weddings is part of the park’s services, and they take care of all of the heavy lifting behind your proposal. They do behind-the-scenes work to make sure your proposal is showered with magic and perfection. If you’re looking for a customizable, once-in-a-lifetime, truly special proposal at the parks, Disney Weddings works to make it happen.


Whether you work with Disney or not, you’ll want to make sure you capture that special moment when you propose. Make sure you plan for your own photographer or us Disney’s PhotoPass service to hire professional photographers who will take your photos around the park. Covering some of the most iconic and memorable places around Disneyland, PhotoPass gives you the chance to get the perfect shot.

When you propose make sure you let your photographer know that you are planning to propose. If not, they might be looking away or focusing on the camera when you drop to one knee.


You can also include your friends and family in your magical Disney proposal. Having some friendly faces around before you propose can help a lot. Plus, they can help you by making sure there isn’t as much traffic around you, and snap pictures of the entire thing. Just make sure this is what the love of your life wants as well. Some people are more private by nature and prefer that the engagement moment is just between the two of you.

Locations to Propose

The parks are expansive and nuanced. Even for seasoned Disney pros, there seems to always be something new to learn about the park. While the most typical place to propose is in front of Cinderella’s Castle, you should do your research and think about what the most meaningful place would be for you and your soon-to-be fiance for your Disney themed proposal.

Places like Cinderella’s Wishing Well might be romantic, but if you have different tastes, maybe Pirates of the Caribbean is where you need to pop the big question. Do your research and see what matches you. While others might think getting engaged in front of the Hall of Presidents might be tacky or weird, for you and your fiance, it might be the flavor of magic you’re looking for.

Extra Magic Hours

Guests of Disney resort hotels can spend extra time in the park before or after the public opening. Rather than having to fight crowds, you can propose in the perfect spot without all of the headache and hassle.

Proposing at the start of your day also gives you the chance to enjoy the rest of your time at the park without feeling like the ring is burning a hole in your pocket. You can sit back and enjoy your day knowing that they said yes.

What Happens Next?

Chances are, all of your energy is going to be focused on your Disney engagement ideas, but what happens next? After the hugs and kisses are done and the tears of joy are dried up, where do you go?

Just as important as it is to make sure that the proposal is memorable, you don’t want to spend the next hour waiting in line for Space Mountain standing shoulder to shoulder with strangers. You need time to enjoy the feeling of being engaged and have time to relax.

Consider visiting one of the many park lounges or restaurants to catch your breath and relax. Places like Blue Bayou or the Tomorrowland Skyline Lounge are scattered around the park to give you a place to relax and recuperate after the proposal.

The Perfect Ring

The small details matter, and that’s why it’s important to make sure your Disney proposal has the perfect Disney ring to go with it. And is the perfect way to let her know that she is the princess in your life.

Daniel’s Jewelers provides a wide variety of Disney jewelry. If you’re looking to propose, we have you covered. Start your credit application today so you can get the ring to match your proposal at Disney.

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