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The Benefits of Making Your Jewelry Purchase on Credit

Whether you're getting engaged, celebrating an anniversary or romantic holiday, or just want to purchase a stunning gift for a loved one, credit jewelers can help you get affordable jewelry for every occasion. Using a credit jeweler to purchase an engagement ring, or other piece of jewelry, makes getting what you want easy and affordable and has some great benefits as well. Here are a few of the many benefits of purchasing jewelry with a credit jeweler.

Benefits of Using Credit to Buy Jewelry

Being able to buy engagement rings, wedding rings, and other types of jewelry from a credit jeweler is a great way to make affordable and beautiful jewelry even easier to purchase. No matter how much you make, purchasing affordable jewelry from a credit jeweler can make even small purchases extremely affordable and better suited to your life and budget. Some more advantages to purchasing jewelry on-credit include:

  • Immediate Purchases: You don't need to wait or save up to take home high-quality jewelry for engagements or other occasions.
  • Manageable Payments: Credit jewelers work with you to help you find an affordable monthly payment so you can gradually pay off your jewelry purchase.
  • Opportunities to Save: Small monthly payments enable you to keep your savings account for other important expenses  - your honeymoon, a down-payment on a house or car, your children's education, and more.
  • Motivation: Having a monthly bill keeps you accountable. You'll be more likely to pay it than you would be to gradually save up the cash (and not dip into it!) to buy the jewelry you want.
  • Easy Qualification with Poor Credit: Qualifying for jewelry store credit may be easier than qualifying for a credit card with high-interest rates.
  • Help You Build Your Credit History: If you don't have credit history yet, purchasing jewelry from a credit jeweler is a great way to start establishing credit that will help you with future purchases like car loans or a mortgage.
  • Faster Engagements: Propose to your significant other right now instead of waiting to save more money. It's your life. Don't put it on hold.
  • No-Interest Deals: If you pay off no-interest financing within the time limit, you won't pay any extra for the purchase of your jewelry. That means financing your jewelry is the same as paying cash upfront, without waiting to save up the money.
  • Affordability: Even small jewelry purchases can add up in your monthly budget. Financing can help you afford the jewelry you want, when you want it, with low monthly payments that fit your budget.
  • Help Your Reestablish Your Credit: If you've suffered damage to your credit in the past, getting affordable monthly payments you can easily make from a credit jeweler can help you reestablish your credit for the future.

All of these benefits make purchasing jewelry from a credit jeweler an easy way to afford engagement rings, wedding rings, anniversary bands, earrings, pendants, and other gifts when you want them. Even if you're young and don't have much credit history, or are reestablishing your credit, you can buy the jewelry you want for the special events in your life.

Daniel's Jewelers offers deals like deferred interest. That means you can give each other the beautiful jewelry you want for an affordable monthly payment, even if you can't afford to pay upfront.

How Can I Buy an Engagement Ring with Bad Credit?

For those looking to affordably finance an engagement ring, a credit jeweler can help make that a reality. Many young couples don't have much credit history established, making it difficult to get approved for financing on engagement rings during this important time in your life. Thankfully, even if you don't have much credit history, or are in the process of rebuilding your credit, you may be approved for affordable monthly payments with a credit jeweler.

Daniel's Jewelers is one of the best credit jewelers around. You don't have to go through a credit card company, take out a personal loan, or borrow from a family member. Once you're qualified, you can start making monthly payments and get the ring or other jewelry you want right away. Take a look at some of our financing options here.

Customized Credit Options

We can figure out a customized payment plan for almost any situation. We want everyone to be able to get the rings or other jewelry they want for the special moments in life. Because of this, Daniel's Jewelers approves around 99.7% of all our applicants.

To get started, browse our online catalog, fill out our easy credit application, and imagine the look of surprise and joy on the face of the one you love when you give them the gift they've always wanted.

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