How to Shop for Wedding Rings and Engagement Rings

How to Shop for Wedding Rings and Engagement Rings

It’s that time of year again—wedding season! The warm summer weather is ideal for an outdoor wedding or proposal. However, with so many engagement and wedding rings to choose from, finding the perfect piece to seal the deal can be overwhelming. 

Fortunately, we’ve put together a guide to help you shop for wedding rings and engagement rings. Let’s take a look.

Gemstone or Diamond?

First things first: What does your special someone like when looking at jewelry? You can narrow your options by focusing on the piece’s center stone. Whatever ring you're looking for, keep the wearer's unique taste or style in mind.

If they prefer something timeless, a classic diamond ring with a single central stone might be just what they’re looking for. Next, think about whether they want lab-grown or mined stones. At Daniel’s Jewelers, we offer brilliant, eco-friendly bridal sets that let the bride match her engagement and wedding rings for seamless stacking.

If your bride-to-be isn’t one for tradition, opt for a colored stone as her ring’s pièce de résistance. Gemstones add a pop of color and personality to any piece of jewelry. And since no two precious stones are the same, they make for unique, meaningful rings. 

When mounted on an elegant ring design, a colorful stone looks bold yet classy, perfect for a summer wedding.

Choosing the Cut

As you compare options and shop for wedding and engagement rings, deciding on the stone’s cut or shape can be confusing. But ultimately, it comes down to personal preference.

Here are some cuts to consider.


A round cut is the most popular stone shape on an engagement or wedding ring. It has 58 facets that make it dazzle and shine like no other. 

Princess Cut

Another perennial favorite, a princess cut combines a square’s pointed edges with the brilliance of a round cut.


Known for its rectangular shape, an emerald stone features straight cuts resembling steps on all sides.


Like the emerald, an oval shape makes a gem look larger and as brilliant as its round counterparts.


Also called the teardrop shape, a pear cut is difficult to achieve but looks stunning in any setting, increasing its demand among shoppers.

What’s in a Style?

Once you’ve decided on the stone and cut, the setting or style should be your next concern when shopping for wedding rings and engagement rings. The positioning and mounting of a gem impact the piece’s overall look, so choose wisely.  


True to its name, this romantic style features a single gem at the center as its main attraction. While simple in design, a solitaire band will always be a classic favorite among many brides-to-be, especially when it shows off a brilliant gemstone.


A halo ring setting resembles what it sounds like—it consists of a center stone surrounded by several smaller gems. Since this illusion creates a halo effect, the central gemstone appears larger than its actual size.


Unlike the halo’s streamlined setting, a cluster ring style consists of multiple gems that appear to huddle together. It has a charming, vintage appeal, and some gorgeous designs in this category resemble flowers.

The Different Types of Bands

As you shop for wedding and engagement rings, factor in the band’s design as well. With plenty of possible combinations, there’s no hard and fast rule on what’s right—it’s just a matter of preference. Below are some considerations.


Delicate rings have long been an engagement or wedding staple, and why not? Thin bands never go out of style because they look good on most fingers and can be stacked to change the look. However, chunkier bands have come into favor lately as a way to make a personal statement.


When it comes to band color, you may think you only have two choices: white or yellow gold. But the unique pink of rose gold is also becoming a favorite, and platinum is a high-end alternative to silver. All are stunning in their own ways when well-crafted and set with sparkling stones.

Solo, Duo, or Trio?

You might find the perfect piece in an engagement and wedding ring set. In addition to single rings, most jewelry shops offer bridal sets and wedding trios to ease the burden of searching for the right sparklers.

A bridal set typically includes an engagement ring and a wedding ring for the bride-to-be. These two pieces complement each other, making it easier to wear them together.

A wedding trio consists of an engagement ring and two complementary wedding bands. The designs of all three pieces match, ensuring that both partners have similar jewelry pieces.   

Find the Perfect Forever Piece

When you shop for wedding rings and engagement rings, start your search with a trusted jeweler like Daniel’s Jewelers. We have an excellent selection of fine jewelry pieces you’d definitely say yes to when asked the big question. It’s also easy to get what you want now—apply for credit today to own the dream.

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