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A Comparison Of Lab Created Diamonds vs Mined Diamonds

For hundreds of years, diamonds have stood at the center of the jewelry industry, maintaining their status as an undeniable expression of love, wealth, and glory. Diamonds have long been regarded in the highest esteem, symbolizing an unparalleled icon of status or devotion that simply can't be replicated-that is, until now.

This article is all about the similarities and differences between lab-created diamonds and mined diamonds. Discover how they compare in value, quality, appearance, source, and other factors so you can decide for yourself which one you'd rather have sparkling on your next piece of jewelry.

How Are Lab Created Diamonds Made?

 How Are Lab Created Diamonds Made? Process of Diamond Creation: 1. The process starts with a …


The Benefits Of Lab Created Diamonds


The appeal of owning a nature-made diamond that Mother Nature spent billions of years creating has always been an alluring, magnetic concept. However, just as no two mined diamonds are exactly the same, no two lab-grown diamonds are alike. Each lab-grown diamond grows in its own one-of-a-kind pattern, making them just as unique as mined diamonds.

Above Ground

Above Ground

Lab-created diamonds are crafted from the same materials and placed under the same extreme conditions that nature uses to produce mined diamonds. The only difference is that one is created by nature and the other is created by humans in a controlled environment.


The mining and exportation of natural diamonds pose a concern for today's society -- and for good reason. As the number of eco-conscious consumers continues to rise, the demand for mined diamonds may suffer and give rise to the lab-grown alternative.

They Are Real Diamonds

They Are Real Diamonds

Lab-created diamonds are not fake diamonds; nor are they alternatives -- such as cubic zirconia or moissanite. In fact, on a molecular level, lab-created diamonds are indistinguishable from mined diamonds, with identical chemical and physical properties.

Value and Quality

Better value for higher quality is another fantastic benefit of lab-grown diamonds. Due to the ease of creation, you are able to get more diamond for your money. For the money you were already planning to spend, you could very well get a diamond up to 30 - 40% bigger for the same investment.

Value and Quality

Notice the difference in size, the diamond on the right is a lab-grown diamond that costs roughly the same as the mined diamond on the left.

Indistinguishable Appearance

Up until now, mankind has failed to recreate the stunning beauty of the diamond, with its natural, multi-faceted design and impeccable refracting properties. If you were thinking that the lab-grown diamond was just another obvious knockoff, we urge you to take a closer look and compare the two side by side. Due to the nature of their creation, man-made diamonds look exactly the same as those formed in nature.

The 4 C's

Just as with mined diamonds, lab-grown diamonds are certified by the International Gemological Institute (IGI) and each come with their own unique ID. The same 4 C's are used to grade both types of diamonds: cut, clarity, color, and carat. From a buyer's perspective, the emergence of lab-created diamonds adds a new "C" to the line-up: Choice. You can now weigh the benefits, differences, and similarities to make a decision about what you want to wear.

The 4 C's: Cut: THE MOST IMPORTANT FACTOR: Shallow Cut; Ideal Cut; Deep Cut. Clarity: VVS1, VVS2 …

Daniel's Jewelers 8 C's

Here at Daniel's Jewelers, we evaluate our diamonds against 4 additional C's for a total of 8 C's. Here is a look at what they are and why we grade our diamonds against them.

1. Certified - GIA, EGL USA & GHI Solitaires (each diamond is individually certified by the most respected independent gemological laboratories in the world) & over 30,000 certified Loose Diamond Inventory.

2. Chip-Free - We don't allow any Chips, Opens, or Surface Naturals in our Certified Diamonds. These imperfections are often hidden under a prong BY OTHERS but lessen the value and the strength of the diamond.

3. Crowning Beauty - We only select the finest diamonds with maximum brilliance and scintillation. You can find our rejects online (or across the mall at our competitors).

4. Competitive Value - We do NOT sell the cheapest Certified diamond in the mall. Any diamond can be certified, but only the finest diamond meets the Daniel's Standards for a Certified diamond. Dollar for Dollar, we guarantee you are getting the best value for your dollar or your money back!

Redefine Authenticity

Whether you're interested in obtaining a mined diamond, or you're searching for lab-grown diamond rings, check out Daniel's Jewelers beautiful Eco-love lab-grown diamonds and diamond jewelry collection for beautifully great finds.

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