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5 Engagement Ring Care Tips

Your engagement ring is one of your most important symbols and prized possessions. After your fiancé has popped the big question and slipped the gorgeous stone on your finger, it’s vital to prioritize engagement ring care. You want to make sure it stays shiny and beautiful for the big wedding day and then for many years to come. So how do you properly take care of your ring? We’ve got you covered with five tips.

1. Don’t Touch the Stone

It’s hard not to want to touch the stone on your ring. After all, it’s shiny, beautiful, and a symbol of lasting love and devotion. But getting into the habit of doing so will only attract dust, dirt, and body oils that will diminish the shine and quality. So when you have to take your ring off and on, be sure to grab parts of the band that don’t have stones.

2. Do Clean Your Ring Often

Especially if you wear your diamond ring every day, it’s important to give it some love by gently scrubbing it at least once every two weeks. The solutions and materials you should use depend on the type of jewelry you have (gold, silver, gemstones, etc.), so be sure to check out our dos and don’ts of cleaning jewelry.

3. Do Take Your Ring In for Professional Maintenance

Though you can regularly clean your engagement ring on your own, it’s a good idea to schedule maintenance appointments once every six months with your professional jeweler.

Jewelers carry specialized cleaning tools like steamers and sonic cleaners to make your ring look brand new. When you have a particular ring made up of pristine material, like a 14K white gold ring, you can even have it rhodium-plated by your jeweler.

Make sure your jeweler has a good understanding of the jewelry you own and ample experience in taking care of that particular type.

4. Do Take Off Your Ring During Certain Activities

Though having your ring on at all times provides great opportunities to show it off and share memorable stories of your engagement, it’s important to take it off during times when it might be susceptible to wear and tear. These moments include:

  • Activities that involve chemicals - If you’re dealing with anything that involves lemon juice, alcohol, acids, and even hot water, take off your ring before participating in such activities. These can make your ring rust and lose its natural color.
  • Activities that involve a lot of movement - Though your ring might be made up of expensive and fine diamonds/stones, it can still be vulnerable to wear and tear. Exercising, gardening, cleaning dishes, and moving furniture with your engagement ring on leaves it susceptible to damage like chipping and scratching.
  • Showering/bathing - A lot of people wonder whether they can wear their engagement ring in the shower. Unfortunately, no. The ingredients in soaps can rust and scratch your ring; not to mention, it can make your fingers slippery, and before you know it, your bling is falling down the drain!
  • Lathering on lotion/moisturizer - Though they’re good for your skin, the excess buildup in lotions can dull your ring over time. Be sure to take off your ring prior to applying moisturizer, and wait until your hands have completely dried before slipping it back on.


5. Do Store Your Ring in Ring Dishes

You might be wondering, where do I put my engagement ring during the activities listed above? It’s important to treat your ring to a nice home when you’re not wearing it. Using a ring dish is a great way to keep it safe and sound. You should have at least three—one beside your bed, one for your bathroom, and one for your kitchen. And if you need something on-the-go, you can use a fabric-lined jewelry case to safely store it.

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