11 Ways to Make Your Diamond Look Bigger

11 Ways to Make Your Diamond Look Bigger

Are you about to get engaged or married? Your impulse will likely be to find the most impressive ring that money can buy. That's natural. We've all grown up dreaming of the perfect ring.

At some point, though, you've probably realized that while an enormous diamond is beautiful, it's not realistic for most people's budget. Thankfully, there are some simple ways to make an affordable engagement ring look bigger, all while staying within your budget.

When you have a beautiful ring that sparkles, stuns, and leaves money in the bank for your other dreams, you'll be happier than if you spent too much money on an expensive ring.

We want to help you get the visual effect of a big ring while saving money for starting your home, going on a honeymoon, buying a car, and so on. We've found 11 awesome ways you can make your diamonds look bigger while saving money for other major purchases and experiences in your life.

1. Choose a Shape

Choose a Shape

If you can't afford the largest size of diamond, carefully choosing the shape of your diamond can make all the difference in how big your diamond looks when it's on your hand. Round diamonds, for example, give the impression of being larger than differently-shaped gems of the same carat weight.

Other diamond shapes can also take up a lot of space on your finger, which makes them look bigger. These shapes include oval, emerald (similar to a rectangle), and marquise shapes (similar to an eye). Alternatives to the standard round shape may also be more affordable so make sure to explore different cuts as your search for the perfect ring.

2. Pick Your Cut Quality

When a diamond is cut right, it reflects light in a magical way that makes it look amazing-and makes it look bigger. A large diamond that is cut poorly will look dull and lifeless next to a smaller diamond with a more brilliant cut!

The GIA (Gemological Institute of America) assigns these grades to the cut quality of round diamonds:

  • Poor
  • Fair
  • Good
  • Very Good
  • Excellent

As you're shopping for rings, pay attention to the grade on different round diamonds and think how brilliant they look. Of course, we all want "Excellent" diamonds. But you get to decide what diamond grade and level of sparkle fits in your budget.

Even if your diamond isn't the most brilliant cut, you can certainly find a gorgeous diamond you can afford at a lower grade that still looks amazing on your finger. Try on different ones until you find that perfect sparkle that makes the diamond look big and gorgeous. And don't forget that your ring is much more than just the cut of your diamond, it's a symbol of your relationship you'll always treasure.

3. Give It a Halo


Give It a Halo

What's a halo ring setting? It means the jeweler surrounds a bigger diamond with a circle of smaller diamonds. That makes a bigger surface for light to reflect from-making your diamond sparkle and look bigger. You get a higher total carat weight of diamonds for a much lower price than you'd pay for a single big diamond of that size (which would cost a lot more because of its rarity).

4. Get a Cluster of Diamonds


Get a Cluster of Diamonds

Cluster setting engagement rings don't have a single large diamond in the middle; instead, you'll see a beautifully-shaped group of small diamonds that are all about the same size. Each small diamond sparkles and catches the light perfectly, making your ring look bigger and making your ring more affordable than a larger, single diamond-even if you're buying a pretty high total carat weight.

5. Pick a Three-Stone Setting


Pick a Three-Stone Setting

This style is coming back and features a central diamond with two others next to it on the band-one on each side. Look for a design that makes the central diamond pop, and gives you the most impact for your budget. Finding a three-stone ring with smaller diamonds on the side of the central diamond makes the center stone look bigger by contrast.

6. Set It In a Thin Band


Set It In a Thin Band

A thin engagement band can make a central diamond or cluster look larger. You can even find some bands that get thinner near the diamonds (which is called "a pinched shank"). A thicker band allows for more setting options but can make your central diamond look smaller.

7. Go For White Metal

A ring made of white metal acts as a mirror, reflecting the brilliance of your diamond even more. By multiplying its unique sparkle, the band can make your diamond look bigger. These bands are usually made of white gold.

While white metals can make your ring look bigger, it's also important to choose the metal color you love, some people simply prefer white metals, while others love yellow or rose gold tones.

8. Use Slimmer and Fewer Prongs


Use Slimmer and Fewer Prongs

If you get a solitaire diamond, the prongs holding it can either make the diamond stand out or distract from it. Look for the slimmest prongs you can find, and choose rings that have the fewest number of prongs necessary-four or six instead of eight, for example.

9. Balance Clarity, Color, and Size

If you just want a big diamond, ask your jeweler about the diamond's clarity and color ratings. Diamonds with lower ratings in these areas can cost a little less, which means you can put more of your budget towards the carat weight of your diamond. If your diamond is cut well, it will still look amazing.

Remember that carats refer to the weight of the diamond, not how big they look. A smaller carat diamond can look much larger and shine more brilliantly than a larger carat diamond if it has the right cut.

10. Keep It Clean


Keep It Clean

No diamond can look good if it's dirty. A dull, dirty diamond can spring back to its brilliant self with a good cleaning. You can use a home jewelry cleaner to polish your diamond and remove lotion and other common gunk.

A professional cleaning from your jeweler can make your diamond sparkle even more than your cleaning does so that it stands out and looks more impressive. Many jewelers offer free cleanings, so feel free to ask next time you're wandering around the mall and see if they can do a free ring cleaning for you.

11. Feature a Colored Gem Instead


Feature a Colored Gem Instead

If you want to try something different, imagine getting a colored central gem instead of a diamond. A pale blue, pink, yellow, or green can catch the eye, look big, and do amazing things with light. Morganite gems, for example, are a peachy pink color, or you might opt for a mix of Emerald, Ruby, or Sapphires for a unique but beautiful ring.

In the end, size isn't necessarily better when you can have a gorgeous ring at a price you can afford that will make you much happier.

Finance the Diamond of Your Dreams

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