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The lore and history of Masonic Rings

It is said that the secret order of the Freemasons dates back to Biblical times. The first order of the brotherhood is said to have been established at the time of the construction of the Temple of King Solomon. If this claim is verified, what we have on our hands may be the oldest brotherhood known to man. Masonic rings are part of that lore and a proud symbol of the rites, rituals and practices of the order. Some of the world’s most influential leaders, philosophers, statesmen and business tycoons have all been members of the order, and the influence and power exerted by the brotherhood is the stuff of legends.

How masonic rings fit into the lore of Freemasonry.

The history of the Freemasons is the stuff of lore, legends and conspiracy theories. It is natural therefore that Masonic symbols, and by extension masonic rings also add to that significant aura of the brotherhood. While the society has always maintained a veil of secrecy around its rituals, instruction and activities, the external sign of a Freemason brother, especially a Master Mason of the third order is his Masonic ring.

The stories of the Masonic rings vary from the incredible to the bizarre. Conspiracy theorists surmise that the symbols on the Masonic rings have been interwoven into the national symbology and the iconography of the United States. The presence of Masonic symbols like the all seeing eye, and the callipers (the Masonic compass, also seen on the Masonic ring) has fueled rumours that the government is run by the brotherhood. Then there are idiosyncratic theories of black magic and sorcery that have blighted the order for the longest time. Masonic rings feature in these as well, as many point to them as symbols of the occult.

The fact of the matter however is that the brotherhood of Freemasons is a legitimate, charitable order, that for hundreds of years has enabled its members become better, more responsible citizens and in many ways has given America and the world at large great leaders. Imagine an America without George Washington. Or wartime Britain, without Winston Churchill. The contribution of these great leaders is definitely in part thanks to the order of the Freemasons. Many leaders and politicians even today wear their Masonic rings with great pride.

How does one acquire a Masonic ring?

Just like a class ring is a symbol of graduation and being accepted into adulthood, for Freemasonry, a masonic ring is a symbol of moving up the chain, becoming an equal amongst peers and successful completion. It is therefore great sign of achievement and is only bestowed on those with the highest moral standards and caliber. In today's day and age however, masonic rings have become a part and parcel of day to day life and popular culture. Therefore Masonic rings can be acquired with no hassles whatsoever on the internet and at local jewelers.

Are Masonic rings difficult to find?

Not at all. In fact since the release of Dan Brown's popular novel, 'The Da Vinci Code', and the popular 'National Treasure' franchise, Masonic rings, among other paraphernalia related to.

Freemasonry have become wildly popular. Many national chains including, Walmart, 7/11 and others stock masonic rings, both in store and online. Jewelry websites and e-commerce portals, now have entire sections dedicated to Masonic rings and on many ways, these rings are popular as men's wedding bands as well. What is the most popular masonic ring design?

The most popular masonic ring design by far is that of the Scottish Grand Lodge. It is normally made of 10k gold and is inlaid with a blue background, with the Masonic callipers crossing a set of rules, forming a square, with the alphabet G emblazoned at its centre. 'G' stands for the 'Grand Architect of the Universe', a title for God. Several variations exist, where either the calliper or the set of rules are encrusted with stones like diamonds or colored gemstones.

How do I save money on my Masonic ring?

A masonic ring is traditionally forged for its owner in 10k gold and is paid for by the intended wearer himself. Now here are a few simple ways in which you as the wearer of the masonic ring can save money on having it made.

  • If you aren't a member of any grand lodge, in short a Freemason, there is no hard and fast rule that your masonic ring must be made out of 10k gold. As a metal, gold is expensive and with a glut of cheaper, classy and durable metals on offer there's no reason you cannot have your ring made from one of these.
  • When considering having a Masonic ring made for yourself, go for the original, understated design, without the frills of gemstones. Remember that with each stone you add, the price of the ring increases commensurately.
  • When you're thinking of purchasing a Masonic ring for yourself, always check out multiple stores, websites and jewelers at malls for the best rate.
  • Always have a budget in mind when considering buying yourself a Masonic ring. When you have a ceiling beyond which you will not spend, it becomes infinitely easier to make a purchase decision, considering that you will then look at those pieces that fit into your price range.
How do I care for my Masonic Ring?

Just like with any other piece of jewelry, you need to take certain precautions with your Masonic ring as well. Here's what you need to keep in mind.

  • Keep your masonic ring away from water, dust, mercury and corrosive elements.
  • Use mild soap, warm water and a soft muslin cloth to clean your ring.
  • Always keep your ring in the box it comes in, in order to avoid scratches.
  • Shine and polish your ring using only name brand cleaners.
We hope that this article helps you understand and care for your Masonic rings better.


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